Gold bag search

“Gold” pouch search is the main event of “Robots’ Intellect 2020” and of course that means that the main prize will also be for it. But it won’t be easy to get! Last year one of the robots was very close to winning, but didn’t succeed. Will anyone win this year? We will only know when You will bring your robots to try to get the “gold”!


The objective of this competition is very easy - push your opponent out of the ring, like real sumo wrestlers do, but you’ll be using robots. The match will take place in a Dohyo ring, you’ll get Yuhkoh points and then the judge will declare the winner. There will be three possible classes to compete in so bring your robots to the ring for a chance to win prizes!

Line following

In this event robots will have to cross the finish line as fast as possible. Robots have to navigate a course with sharp turns and overlapping lines, while still being able to follow the line to the finish. There is two classes for this race - one with a robot made out of any parts and in the other class the robot will have to be constructed using only LEGO® parts. Bring out your robot and try to cross finish line as fast as possible to win!

Candy collection

In this competition the robot will have to collect as many candies as possible in a 2.5 x 5 meter course. The robots will have to autonomously navigate themselves in the grid and finish the race in the specified time limit. It will have three tries total to win, the robots team will be allowed to make changes to the robot in the time between tries. Come and try your luck in the collecting the most candies!


In this the contestants will have a chance to take part in a rallycross style race, just instead of cars You will have to race with your made robots. The racers will be lined up in groups of five and start the race together, the winning robot will be the one that completes the most laps in the specified amount of time. So bring Your fastests robots to the race and win prizes!


Just like the name implies - anything goes. Bring Your robot to the show, it can be a small autonomous car or a human-like robot. It will be judged according to four different categories in a scale from 1 to 10 each: Idea, effort, innovation and presentation. So, if You have any ideas, this is the perfect chance to realize them and get some criticism or maybe even win a prize!